Ellistar: The Fractured World

The story so far....

Ellistar is a broken world. The land is separated by a great chasm that goes as far as the eye can see. At it’s closest the chasm (at the northern most and southern most ends) is thousands of feet in width. But even there it is bordered with crags so rocky they are impossible to navigate. For most of the length, the chasm is miles across. For at least 800 years, the chasm has never been bridged or traversed, at least to the knowledge of the general populace. The very few attempts to delve into the depths of the chasm have never seen a single person return. Even with the world’s sun at it’s highest, as far down as can be seen, there is only darkness.

On either side of this great chasm, are two very different powers. To the east, is the Empire of Elisia. First, a kingdom among many, it quickly became a dominant power when it developed the ability to harness magical energies in it’s technological wonders. In a very short time, their ruler, King Ragland Sanguine (or infamously known as the Blood King), had conquered almost half of the known world. However before his campaign could continue, the great chasm pulled his lofty goal ultimately out of his reach. Legend says that the Blood King went mad with rage and forced an unimaginable amount of changes in his empire designed to complete his vision in the coming generations. However, with no opposition left in his lands and more than enough force to keep the peace, no word travels outside of it’s borders.

To the west is a land that is extremely different in contrast. The unkempt terrain hints at it’s wild nature, however it fails to communicate the true savagery and chaotic nature of the wilds hidden within. The lands are known only as The Savage Lands, and were obviously named by someone who knows very little of how inadequate that word truly is. Here, all manor of beasts roam, from dangerous, to completely horrifying. Even more terrifying than that, are the intelligent creatures who have made this their home. Power is all that matters, however it may manifest. The residents are mostly tribal and small, but spread out over a wide area. They war amongst themselves and the very lands they inhabit. And in the rare occasion that any alliance is formed between them, the destructive power is frightening to the most battle hardened soldier. Sometimes these savage men and women can be seen at the edge of the Great Chasm where they seem to hold some kind of reverence for…if it can be called that. Usually when seen they are throwing things off the edge into the impossibly deep ravine. Often times, an echoing scream can be heard from the falling “debris”.


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