Empire of Elisia

The Empire of Elisia encompasses all land on the western side of the Great Chasm. It has maintained control of the continent mostly through its powerful military force and the wealth of conveniences it has brought to the kingdom. The line of the emperor has been unbroken for 14 generations.

800 years ago, Elisia was one among 12 kingdoms in the western hemisphere. Constantly fighting amongst themselves, it was a careful and intricate political game to keep everyone together in a very uneasy balance. It was then that Elisia made it’s first breakthrough in magical technology. Developing devices that anyone could use, they brought both life conveniences to the masses, and superior might to their military. Their first taste at conquest happened economically, as their products through one of their neighboring kingdoms further and further into debt until the throne of that kingdom had no option but to release all his lands, wealth, and resources to the kingdom of Elisia. Immediately the king at the time, King Ragland, began to think of himself as an emperor.

The people of the usurped kingdom embraced their new royalty with open arms and jubilant cheers, fueling Emperor Ragland’s lust for conquest. He began militarizing the kingdom and swiftly began a campaign that swept across half the continent in a manner of weeks.

Vastly out manned and outgunned, the neighboring kingdoms fell like a house of cards. Within 3 months, he had conquered all the way to the western sea. His tactics becoming more brutal and bloodthirsty with every victory. Soon the people grew to fear him more and more. Even the smallest attempt at resistance was met with extreme punishment. He began demanding that the people refer to him as Emperor Sanguine. But the masses adopted a less flattering moniker, The Blood King.

The Blood King then turned his sights to the untamed lands to the east. Home of a great many barbarian tribes, ritualistic shaman, and witch doctors. Along with the legends of beasts powerful enough to wipe away cities in a night. The Blood King, mad with bloodlust, paid no heed to the warnings and marched the majority of his army eastward.

With word of the encroaching army, the savage lands of the east gathered in mass to meet them. The war waged for months…then years…continuing constantly. Between the technological advancements of the empire and the raw power, numbers and wild magical abilities of the free folk, the battle became a constant, spanning months. Each day, growing more and more violent.

At this point, details become very distorted, some say the Emperor unleashed a weapon without realizing it’s full destructive power, others say a hero of the free folk ripped the world asunder with his great strength. Yet even others say that one of a host of divine events occurred ending the battle once and for all. Whatever it was, when the dust settled, the armies were decimated, and the Great Chasm separated the two warring nations.

After the humiliating defeat, legend says the Blood King succumbed to complete madness. Spending all hours of every day and every resource he had at his disposal to find a way to bridge the gap between nations. Some say projects that he created are still working to that goal, deep underground centuries after he passed. What is known for certain is that the madness of the king took it’s final toll, when he attempted to cross the gap in what he believed was his most promising invention, personally. The “invention” was little more than a few firearms strapped to his legs as he attempted to jump across the chasm. The story goes that he jumped about 5 feet across the roughly 3 mile ravine and fell to his death, smacking the wall on the way down.

His son assumed the throne and was able to turn around the crazed reign of his father and in the generations to follow the empire experienced an unprecedented era of prosperity. That continues to this day.

Empire of Elisia

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