Great Chasm

The Great Chasm is the impossibly huge division in the world. It clears the entire globe from north to south. Where is meets land, there is a sharp drop into a seemingly bottomless dark pit. Unlike the craggy appearance of a natural formation, the Great Chasms walls are more smooth, making exploration into it’s depths nearly impossible. In the few highly funded and prepared attempts to explore it’s depths, no one has returned.

In areas where the crag is met with oceans, great impassible mountain ranges spring up to meet the crashing waves, splitting the ocean from the void. These mountain ranges are far more sturdy than simple rock, comprising a number of heavy metals to match the strength of the crashing ocean waves. In the 400 years in which it was recorded, the mountain ranges bordering the oceans appear to have had no significant erosion, though it is a popular theory among the learned and several doomsday cults, that it is an inevitability that the mountains will eventually give way to the crashing waves and the entirety of Ellistar’s oceans will be swallowed up into the endless void.

The size and structure of the chasm has made travel between the two sides all but impossible. Attempts to magically traverse the gap have met with failure time and time again. This inability to travel has been largely unexplained, though the followers of the
Church of Desna believe that she has barred travel between the two sides of the chasm, some even claiming she is responsible for the chasm itself.

Throughout the world, different cultures and religions have many varying theories and customs surrounding this incredible world wonder. Some revere it as the threshold of the next world, while others fear it is a wide open maw to other world and any day it will swallow the world, or unleash some malevolent force thru to bring about the end of days.

In one case a group of individuals have made their homes clinging to the edge of this Abyss. The Village of Sandathal is one such village. Lead by a small group of dwarves who have carves caves and built small hidden structures along the very walls of the chasm, the village rests along the eastern edge of the Empire of Elisia.

Great Chasm

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